YES. We ship small and large orders in a single shipment than what is listed on our product page. This again is to ensure, and maintain our perfect record and safety when shipping to our valued customers. You can however, order multiple orders on our page at once.

Discreet shipping to our clients who are in legal/non legal countries
package is double vacuum sealed, Package is sealed with wax for no smell to its contents reference, This are FAQ

Minors as we call them are customers below 18 years of age. We do not offer our services to any person or persons
below the age of 18 years. However, if you are a patient or suffering from anxiety related problems then we can sell
small quantities of specified products to you.


Yes, We do ship all over USA and World Wide. Our delivery is very safe and reliable without any complications. We give you 100% guarantee that your package will make it through the customs of your country without being detected. Buy cannabis online

Yes we do. Once we ship your order tracking details will be emailed to you.

All packages are shipped within the same day (24 hours ) from when order is received, however, how long it takes before your package gets to you depends entirely on two factors.

– The first factor is shipment type, by shipment type we mean whether your package was mailed to you as a regular package or for same day delivery or priority mail. If your package is registered as a regular mail then it will take up to two days 948 hours) for it to get to you while if it is mailed for same day delivery or priority mail then it will get to you within 24 hours

– Secondly, how long it takes before your package gets to you depend on package destination, by package destination we mean whether your delivery address is within the USA or in Europe. All packages mailed to destinations within USA get delivered within 48 hours at most while packages within Europe are more likely to take up to three days (72 hours).

We at Cannabis Bud Place do our best to make sure all orders ship out within the same day, once and order i received and payment is confirmed we will proceed with packaging and once packaging is done we will go ahead and ship out after which you will be provided with your package tracking number to enable you keep track of the package while on transit until it gets to you.We ship using USPS, UPS, FedEx.Cannabis for sale